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    Hi all A message is going out to all members today announcing the "official" launch of the Review of CACUSS Communities. Details will be shared in the coming weeks including a webpage at www.cacuss.ca that will "house" all information pertaining ...

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    Let’s talk about our Communities of Practice! We want your input! Week 2! CACUSS has launched a Review of our Communities and Networks. As such, we are committed to giving members as many opportunities as possible to contribute thoughts, comments, ...

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    I joined Community Engaged Learning to share best and immerging practices. Gillian Kemp, MBA (she/her) Interim Manager, Career Development and Experiential Learning MacEwan University E: kempg3@macewan.ca P: ...

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  • Review of CACUSS Communities...Notice of Roundtables

    As announced earlier in June, we have launched our Review of Communities. As such, you are invited to participate in one of two open discussions/consultative roundtables, taking place this summer.   If you are interested in signing up, please choose ... More

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