• Last Call for Input--CACUSS Communities Review!

    Re-Cap/Last Call for input!

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to the roundtables, surveys, discussions and more! We are in the process of compiling everyone’s input. We’d like to summarize the questions we have asked over the last few weeks here, and either give you an opportunity to comment on one you missed, or add something that we might have missed. You might also prefer to send your input directly to We have extended the deadline and will continue accepting feedback until Monday, October 7.

    Why did you choose to join a CACUSS Community of Practice?

    In what way does your involvement with a CACUSS Community of Practice enhances or adds value to your membership experience?

    Have you learned something that has had an impact on your professional practice?  And/or have you been in receipt of a tangible takeaway for your work as a result of your connection to a CACUSS Community?

    What expectations do you have of CACUSS Communities? Are those expectations being met?

    What are you interested or willing to contribute in order to make the Community(ties) you are involved with more engaging or successful

    What questions do you have about CACUSS Communities?

    Our next steps will include checking in with our Assembly of Community Co-Chairs to share feedback and generate discussion on recommendations to move forward. A formal report for the Assembly, the Board and the membership will be prepared in the coming months. Stay tuned!

    Jennifer Hamilton
    Executive Director
    Toronto ON