• Equity-Centered Assessment Landscape Survey

    Please consider this request and/or pass it on to those in your institutions and organizations who conduct assessment. 

    One of the emergent topics in assessment is its intersection with equity. This intersection goes by various names including socially-just assessment, culturally responsive assessment, equity-minded assessment, equity-centered assessment, and others.


    To improve our collective work in this area, it is helpful to document what this intersection of equity and assessment looks like across colleges and universities. To that end, a coalition of a number of organizations have come together to support the administration of the Equity-Centered Assessment Landscape Survey.


    We encourage every higher education professional doing any level of assessment to complete the survey as we want representation from a broad set of individuals. The goal is to understand what individuals are doing in regard to equity in assessment, not what institutions are necessarily doing so please complete the survey thinking of your practice, not your institution’s. There are no right or wrong answers, so please be honest in your responses. The survey can be accessed by visiting:


    Data collection will end on July 31. Results will be shared through various channels in the fall. Please take a few minutes to share your input regarding equity and assessment.


    Thank you,

    Ciji Heiser, Western Michigan University
    Gavin Henning, New England College
    Anne Lundquist, Anthology
    Annemieke Rice, Anthology