• Welcome to the Graduate Student Network!

    Hi everyone, 

    Welcome to the Graduate Student Network!

    My name is Joshua Grondin and I'm one of the organizers of this network (along with about 8 other CACUSS members from across the country in various levels of education). 

    The Graduate Student Network will focus on providing a supportive atmosphere to graduate students in CACUSS, as well as connecting them with prospective students and alumni to cultivate a community of continuous learners among student affairs professionals. Its functions include helping students transition into graduate studies, manage work-life balance, and transition into the field upon completion of studies, and will seek to achieve these objectives through networking and mentorship opportunities, knowledge-sharing, and providing a platform for students to share their knowledge.

    As a new network, we have the opportunity to shape it into exactly what we want it to be. I look forward to working together and sharing input with one another in the coming months as we work to get it off the ground. 

    Until then, please feel free to introduce yourself in the Discussion Board. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact: 

  • Last Call for Input--CACUSS Communities Review!

    Re-Cap/Last Call for input!

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to the roundtables, surveys, discussions and more! We are in the process of compiling everyone’s input. We’d like to summarize the questions we have asked over the last few weeks here, and either give you an opportunity to comment on one you missed, or add something that we might have missed. You might also prefer to send your input directly to We have extended the deadline and will continue accepting feedback until Monday, October 7.

    Why did you choose to join a CACUSS Community of Practice?

    In what way does your involvement with a CACUSS Community of Practice enhances or adds value to your membership experience?

    Have you learned something that has had an impact on your professional practice?  And/or have you been in receipt of a tangible takeaway for your work as a result of your connection to a CACUSS Community?

    What expectations do you have of CACUSS Communities? Are those expectations being met?

    What are you interested or willing to contribute in order to make the Community(ties) you are involved with more engaging or successful

    What questions do you have about CACUSS Communities?

    Our next steps will include checking in with our Assembly of Community Co-Chairs to share feedback and generate discussion on recommendations to move forward. A formal report for the Assembly, the Board and the membership will be prepared in the coming months. Stay tuned!

    Jennifer Hamilton
    Executive Director
    Toronto ON
  • Write for the Advising in Canada blog

    Recently, Brady and I had a great conversation with the Canada Advising Community (NACADA) co-chairs, Shea Ellingham and Neil Cole.  

     One of the advising communication portals in the Canadian Advising scene is the Advising in Canada blog, found at  If you would like to share thoughts or ideas you’re working on, you might be interested in writing for the blog.  If you are, I’d be happy to connect you with Shea and Neil.

  • Community of Practice Update ... take 2

    Just an update -- I made a mistake.  The Canada Interest Group will host the January 22nd session. 

    Future dates: 
    • October 30 (CACUSS host)
    • November 28 (Canada Interest Group host)
    • January 22 (Canada Interest Group host)
    • February 26 (CACUSS host)
    • March 25 (Canada Interest Group host)
    • April -- we'll take a break, or let us know if there's a top you wish to discuss
  • Review of CACUSS Communities...Notice of Roundtables

    As announced earlier in June, we have launched our Review of Communities. As such, you are invited to participate in one of two open discussions/consultative roundtables, taking place this summer. 

     If you are interested in signing up, please choose your date by signing up today

    Roundtables will take place via conference call:

    July 30 3:00ET, 12:00PT, 1:00MT, 2:00CT, 4:00ATL, 4:30NFLD

    August 22 11:00ET, 8:00PT, 9:00MT, 10:00CT, 12:00ATL, 12:30NFLD

    All are welcome.

  • CoP Co-Chair Position is Open!

    Good morning, everyone,

    As you may know, the Student Peer Support Programs community supported by volunteers and Co-chairs to make some things happen.  The Co-Chairs serve on alternating two-year cycles, with terms beginning and ending our CACUSS conference in June.  Erin has served the needs of this community for the last two years and is making way for new leadership this time around, so we are opening our search for the next Co-Chair.

    Being a Co-Chair with SPSP means that you get to be part of two great projects: a database highlighting Peer Programs across Canada and a new Webinar series.  Also, bi weekly chats with me where we can discuss what else we want to do to serve the community.  Here is part of the official role description:

    "Each Community of Practice or Network is led by two Co-Chairs, who are responsible for liaising and communicating with members, representing the Community or Network at the Assembly of CACUSS Communities, and providing leadership for Community or Network activities, research, and/or advocacy."

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them here, or contact myself or Erin directly.  From a personal stance, being a Co-Chair has really lead me to expand and challenge my leadership (and time management) in CACUSS.  As much as I love going to conferences, I love to see more plans put into action.  I felt like a part of a larger community of professionals who shared my ideas (I am quite isolated in my role here) and passion for student support.

    I really look forward to hearing from you!
  • PD offerings for the Winter Term

    Hello all,

    We wanted to share with you that we have been working with the folks from the Canadian interest group of NACADA to provide both memberships with some Canadian advising professional development offerings over the coming months.

    January you may have seen the blog post written by @Carmen O'CallaghanAdvising Student-Athletes as a Special Population”
    February 27th @2:00 EST you are invited to an advisor chat hosted by Atifa F. Karim “Career Chats: A New Group Advising Format” (To join the call: PIN: 64113) 

    March you will find a new blog post on Advising in Canada from a NACADA colleague  (if you don’t already follow this blog you should consider it!)  

    April Brigitte and I are committed to organizing another advising chat and would love to know if there are topics that are of interest to you so we can find an appropriate person to facilitate the chat.

    Paige & Brigitte ​​​​
  • CoP Meeting (Conference Call)

    CoP Meeting (via Conference Call)  for all CoP Wednesday, December 5, 2 pm (EST).
    Call: 1-855-238-3698
    Participant Pin: 64113

    Suggested agenda: 
    -Hear about the Parliament of the Worlds' Religions, which several of us attended, together with students. We also had a mini-CoP meeting, and attended workshops by other university and college groups.

    -Discuss possible conference presentations at CACSUSS 2019, as we would like to see several workshops offered from our CoP.

    -Hear success stories from this term

    -Share questions, concerns or needs amongst our CoP

    -Hear about webinars we might want to offer in the future