• JOIN US! CACUSS Conference CoP Social


    I hope you are doing well.

    You are formally invited to the 2022 CACUSS Conference CoP Social. As we have done in past years, we will be brining the Student Conduct and Student Case Management CoPs together for this social event, as we know there are many intersecting aspects of our work. As much as we all miss the opportunity to get together in person, this social will be virtual, via Zoom.

    As such, join us this Friday May 27th from 3:00 pm – 4:00pm (EST), via Zoom -

    We hope to see you all on Friday, so an informal opportunity to connect, reflect and share some laughs.

    If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to myself or Dion Fawcett (Case Managers CoP Co-Chair).

  • Psychologically Attuned Communications - Lessons for Advisors

    Come join us on Thursday April 28th at 1pm EST for our session on Psychologically Attuned Communications – Lessons for Advisors. Student Success experts Tim Fricker and Michelle Turan will be sharing their important research, and leading us in a conversation on the importance of what we say and how we say it. Psychologically attuned communication is based on a simple insight: receiving "bad news" can make students feel bad about themselves, and that sense of shame or embarrassment or of un-belonging can discourage them from taking productive action. Tim Fricker, PhD and Michelle Turan, PhD and their team at CSSIC - the only research centre in Canada focused solely and exclusively on student success - structured a research project that created attuned versions of letters for students facing some degree of academic challenge. The results indicated psychologically attuned communication increased the likelihood students would get help, reduced the likelihood they would skip class, made students feel less ashamed and more hopeful, and improved their perception of the school.

    Suggested (but not mandatory) pre-reading, for those interested, can be found at: Psychologically Attuned Communication: What We Say, and How We Say It, Matters. | Mohawk College.

    To register and receive the zoom link, visit:

    Looking forward to seeing you all,

    Brady and Jessica, CACUSS

    Allison, NACADA



  • Reminder: Coffee Chat on April 20

    Reminder of the Orientation, Transition, and Retention Coffee Chat being held April 20 at 12:30 PM (ET). Join us for an informal discussion where we will discuss anything and everything orientation, transition, retention including planning for fall, successful practices, and current challenges. If there are specific questions or topics you would like discussed, please share in this form: 

    Register for the event using this link:

    See you there!

  • Canadian Congress on Accessibility (CCA 2022)



    On behalf of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), I am pleased to invite you to attend the First Annual Canadian Congress on Accessibility on May 26-27, 2022. The theme for the event is Innovating Together: Celebrating and Driving Disability Inclusion in Canada.


    This virtual event provides an opportunity to bring together persons with disabilities, disability organizations, public and private sector organizations, employers, innovators and thought leaders to exchange ideas and ground breaking insights to help shape accessible and inclusively designed communities and workplaces across Canada.


    This first Canadian Congress on Accessibility (CCA 2022) is more than just a conference – it’s the Government of Canada’s new annual milestone event to kick-start National AccessAbility Week (NAAW) celebrations. NAAW is a time to celebrate the contributions of persons with disabilities and promote accessibility and inclusion in communities and workplaces across every province and territory.


    This virtual, interactive and inclusive event is free and open to the public.


    CCA 2022 will feature:


    • Some of Canada’s most prominent disability and accessibility advocates, community members, academics, thought leaders and innovators
    • Next-level networking to exchange ideas and build partnerships
    • An Innovation Showcase to highlight leading edge accessible and inclusive innovative projects, products and services.
    • A Career Fair for persons with disabilities featuring some of Canada’s most diverse and inclusive employers


    To ensure everyone has an opportunity to attend and participate, we are making sure the event is accessible. The virtual platform contains built-in pre-sets to ensure it is Epilepsy safe, ADHD friendly, and accessible for persons with low vision or those who are blind. The platform meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) requirements at the 2.1 AA level and allows participants to customize content and colour.


    The event will provide English, French, American Sign Language and Langue des signes Québécoise interpretation. Registration will be opening in April 2022. Please check out the Canadian Congress on Accessibility website and follow #InnovatingTogether on social media for more updates.


    We are thrilled to host this event and we look forward to seeing you at the Congress!


  • Community Coffee Chat: April 20

    Hi everyone,

    The next Orientation, Transition, Retention event will be held on April 20 at 12:30 PM (ET). Join us for an informal coffee chat and open-floor conversation where we will discuss anything and everything orientation, transition, retention including planning for fall, successful practices, and current challenges.

    Register using this link:

    See you there!

  • Reminder: Orientation, Transition, Retention CoP Event TODAY!

    Reminder of the shared session TODAY at 1:00 PM (ET) with the Leadership Educators CoP. At this session we will be discussing student leaders involvement, training, and student engagement and retention. 

    If you have not yet registered, please do so in order to receive the Zoom link:

  • Decolonizing our Advising Practices - March 30th at 1pm EST

    Please join us on Wednesday March 30th at 1pm EST for a panel discussion regarding decolonizing our advising practices.  
    *Note: this is the new date as we had to re-schedule the original session.

    Session Description:
    Several experts will be in attendance to share their thoughts and perspectives on how we, as practitioners, can engage in making changes to our work in order to make the necessary steps toward decolonization. There will be opportunity for you to ask questions directly to our panelists, so we can collectively engage in this extremely important topic!

    The registration link for the March 30th event is:
  • Orientation, Transition, Retention CoP Connect - March 24

    Happy March! We will be hosting a shared session on March 24 at 1:00 PM (ET) with the Leadership Educators CoP. At this session we will be chatting about student leaders involvement, training, and student engagement and retention. Hope you can join!

    Please register to join the session and receive the Zoom link:

  • Search for Panelists

    The CACUSS Advising CoP and NACADA are hosting a free session on March 23rd at 1pm EST. The session is focused on decolonizing our advising practices. Our idea is to have a panel of people familiar with best practices relating to advising and/or EDI (decolonization specifically), who can share their thoughts and perspectives on this topic. We would provide panelists with 2-3 questions ahead of the meeting and then will open it up to the community of advisors to submit or ask questions on this topic. If you are interested in becoming a potential panelist, please feel free to contact us! Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Call Out for Panelists

    The CACUSS Advising CoP and NACADA are hosting a free session on March 23rd at 1pm EST. The session is focused on decolonizing our advising practices. Our idea is to have a panel of people familiar with best practices relating to advising and/or EDI (decolonization specifically), who can share their thoughts and perspectives on this topic. We would provide panelists with 2-3 questions ahead of the meeting and then will open it up to the community of advisors to submit or ask questions on this topic. If you are interested in becoming a potential panelist, please feel free to contact us! Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Thank you

    We wanted to send a quick thank you to all of those who were able to join us today for a fun and casual conversation! We shared in a lot of laughter and great conversations!
    Our key takeaways can be summed up in these words (completed by participants through a word cloud):
    shared experience
    "in this together"
    good music
    "a break"
    "not alone"

    Stay tuned for our March event! Details shared next week.
  • Let's Connect to Re-Connect!

    Midterm Connect to Re-Connect

    On February 25th at 1pm EST please join your friendly NACADA and CACUSS Advising representatives for a chance to unwind, connect and have a little fun. We know and hear how tired and burnt out everyone is, given the past two years, so we thought rather than throwing another virtual PD at you, we would let you do all the talking. This session is meant for all of you* to have a chance to connect with folks across the country, check-in with each other, share your wins, cry about your losses, or anything in-between! We will have a fun little game to kick off the hour (aka Kahoot!) and then provide break out rooms to connect with your Advising peers from across the Country (aka Peer Pods). This informal session is meant for you to advocate for yourself and what you need, rather than your students for a change. We cannot wait for you to connect with each other - See you soon!

    *p.s. no pressure to turn on your camera or join in on the discussion. If you are more of a listener that is okay too! All are welcome.


    Pre-register to get your Zoom link at: 


    Alli, Brady and Jess (Your NACADA and CACUSS Advising representatives)

  • Input on BIPOC mentoring Program

    Reminder we are seeking input....

    CACUSS is planning to launch a Mentorship Program to support and increase representation of Black, Indigenous, and other racialized/people of colour student affairs professionals. Through the input of members of our Professional Development Committee, we have developed a program outline and are preparing to officially launch the program in 2022. With the help of the new BIPOC Mentorship Program Coordinator, Leneque Wilson, we will create and implement the infrastructure to launch a successful program. 
    Feedback: Do you have ideas for what you would like to see in a CACUSS Mentoring Program? Your feedback is welcome. Contact Leneque Wilson directly at or, if you would like to remain anonymous, complete this Feedback Form.  

    Expression of Interest and Nominations: To nominate a colleague, express interest in participating in this program or if you would like to receive program updates. Please reach out to Leneque Wilson at or complete this short Expression of Interest Form. Please note: by submitting this form, you are not committed to participate. More information to follow. 

    In addition, we are seeking specific input from Black, Indigenous, and Racialized folks. An email went out today to the EDI and NASSA CoP. If you identify as BIPOC we invite you to complete this survey here.

  • CACUSS 2022 Conference - Early Bird Registration Open



    The 49TH Annual CACUSS Conference is going *virtual for the second year in a row! This virtual format not only allows us to address ongoing uncertainties during the pandemic, but also allows us to continue to provide an accessible, content-rich and value-packed opportunity for presenters and participants to share best practices, research, procedures and programs related to student learning, success and wellness.

    Highlights of the 2022 Virtual Conference include:

    • Featured Plenary Sessions
    • Exhibit hall, showcasing the latest technology and trends
    • Networking Events
    • Approximately 80 concurrent sessions

    Don't miss out on our Early Bird Registration rates — Secure your spot today!

    In effect from January 31, 2022 – April 5, 2022


    Group Pass (10 Individuals) - Member


    Group Pass (10 Individuals) -


    Individual Member


    Individual Non-Member


    Individual Student / Life Member


    How to Register:

    To register, please choose from one of the following ticket options and fill out the registration form.

    Individual Ticket: Upcoming Events (
    Group Ticket (up to 10 individuals): Upcoming Events (

    Our conference website is launching soon, stay tuned for more details!

    For general questions about the 2022 Virtual Conference, please contact Samantha at

    We can’t wait to connect, learn and share; now more than ever!

  • Tech Yourself Session 6 - Text Nudging

    Tech Yourself - Text Nudging with Dr. Anne Coulter – Sheridan College (ON)

     In a world where it is hard to connect with students, texting can be the answer. Texting can be used as a medium to connect with students to send “nudges” about important reminders, answer questions, engage as a retention strategy, and provide support in real-time. 

     This presentation will:

    • Describe how texting was implemented at Sheridan as an academic retention initiative
    • Explain the expansion of text nudging to a college-wide tool
    • Share the benefits and challenges of texting to both staff and students
    • Identify best practices in supporting complex student needs

    Please pre-register for our session at this link:

  • Tech Yourself Session 5 - Wiki and QLess

    Tech Yourself - Wiki and Qless with Terina Mailer – University of British Columbia (BC)

    What do Advising teams do with all the information we must house that doesn’t live in our online academic calendar? How can we reduce overcrowding in our advising spaces, while also reducing wait times?

    This presentation answers these questions while discussing:

    • Using a Wiki to create content, browse and search through a large amount of information
    • Benefits to be discussed: accessible from anywhere, supports multiple forms of data including URLs, documents, photos and videos; staying up-to-date on changes with regular notifications; and promoting dynamic collaboration  
    • Using the QLess system to eliminate in-person waiting
    • Benefits include: students can join a virtual queue from anywhere in the world, and a learning algorithm provides forecasted wait times for each student

    Please pre-register for our session at this link:

  • Tech Yourself Session 4 - Mandatory Advising with Moodle

    Tech Yourself - Mandatory Advising with Moodle with Alexis Braun & Trent Gill – Brandon University (AB)

     “Mandatory advising” for all new students can feel like a daunting idea, one that creates a great demand for advising assistance over the summer months. But it doesn’t have to be!

     This presentation will discuss:

    • Using a Moodle course that all new students must complete before their advising appointment
    • Course content: a variety of topics important for understanding key rules of a degree at BU
    • Course “assessment”: a very short questionnaire that asks students about their goals, commitments, and interests for their first year
    • How Advisors then use this information to prepare for their advising appointments

    Please pre-register for our session at this link:

  • Tech Yourself Session 3 - Outlook Tips

    Tech Yourself - Outlook Tips with Laura DiViesti – Sheridan College (ON)

     Inboxes can quickly become overwhelmed with dozens of emails that can seem to take over your day. Fortunately, Microsoft Outlook has a number of built-in (and often under utilized) tools that can help organize, expedite processes, and help us take back control of our workflows.

     This interactive presentation will:

    • Review 4 Microsoft Outlook tools that can make your advising life a little easier:
    • Quick Parts
    • Mail Merge
    • Delay Send
    • Categories

    Please pre-register for our session at this link:

  • Tech Yourself Session 2 - Using Excel in Advising

    Tech Yourself - Using Excel in Advising with Amy Kimball – Concordia University (QC)

     Excel is a great tool for communicating with students, both behind the scenes and on the screen!

     The presentation will:

    • Demonstrate tips and tricks for making unwieldy tables of student data more manageable
    • How to filter to get the data you need, and then make good use of it!
    • Show some favourite tricks for sharing screen when demonstrating to students how to calculate their GPA and how they can use that to predict what grades they will need
    • How to use a pie chart to explain how degree requirements fit into a degree

    Please pre-register for our session at this link:

  • Tech Yourself Session 1 - Digital Outreach

    Tech Yourself - Digital Outreach with Amanda Parker – Lethbridge College (AB)

    We know that proactive and intrusive outreach to students is valuable for student success and institutional retention. Often, this proactive outreach falls to the advising team who are already working at capacity!

     This presentation will discuss:

    • Targeting specific groups of students for more intrusive outreach from Advising, without advisors doing the outreach themselves
    • Using a customer relationship management platform to help create engaging, student friendly, and trackable outreach
    • Tracking who opens and engages with those emails
    • Benefits: advising at-risk students, without overwhelming Advisors with administrative tasks.
    Please pre-register for our session at this link:

  • REMINDER: Tech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

    Tech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Innovative Tech Ideas To Make Your Advising Role More Efficient

    In the ever-changing world of post-secondary advising, the need for new and innovative approaches to connect with our students has only been amplified given the pandemic. Join CACUSS and NACADA for a ‘speed-dating’ style delivery of different tech usages coming from our colleagues across Canada. These sessions will provide creative uses of some of our everyday technology and software platforms to better support each of you in your advising practice.

    Session Details:

    Date: Wednesday, January 26th, 2022

    Start Time: 1pm EST

    Platform: Zoom

    Please pre-register for our session at this link:

    Descriptions of each session will be posted today.

    Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
    Alli, Brady and Jess
    Your friendly NACADA and CACUSS Advising colleagues

  • Tech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Innovative Tech Ideas To Make Your Advising Role More Effic

    Tech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Innovative Tech Ideas To Make Your Advising Role More Efficient

    In the ever-changing world of post-secondary advising, the need for new and innovative approaches to connect with our students has only been amplified given the pandemic. Join CACUSS and NACADA for a ‘speed-dating’ style delivery of different tech usages coming from our colleagues across Canada. These sessions will provide creative uses of some of our everyday technology and software platforms to better support each of you in your advising practice.

    Session Details:

    Date: Wednesday, January 26th, 2022

    Start Time: 1pm EST

    Platform: Zoom

    Please pre-register for our session at this link:

    Each session will be happening at the same time in breakout rooms for 15 minutes. Each one will be presented 3 times in 15 minute intervals. You can attend up to 3 different sessions or just pop in for 1 of the short 15 minute sessions. 

    We will post brief descriptions of each session leading into the event so you can plan what you want to attend ahead of time.

    Looking forward to connecting with you all soon!

    Brady - CACUSS Advising CoP Co-Chair

    Jess - CACUSS Advising CoP Co-Chair

    Alli - NACADA

  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays everyone! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and warm wishes for 2022. 

    Looking forward to connecting with everyone in the new year. 

  • Conduct Coffee

    Join us for an end of term coffee chat next week Wednesday, December 15 from 1-2PM(Eastern Time) 10-11AM(Pacific) Bring your questions, thoughts and conduct chronicles along with some coffee.
    See you all there
  • Reminder: OTR Community of Practice Call Tomorrow

    A reminder about tomorrow's joint call with the EDI Community of Practice. The call is at 12:00 PM (EST). Hope to see you there!

    Zoom registration 


    • OTR CoP / EDI CoP Joint Call on December 1

      Hi everyone,

      The Orientation, Transition, Retention CoP and EDI CoP will have a joint call next week. Join us on Wednesday, December 1 at 12:00 PM (EST). 

      • Guiding questions:
        How are you identifying gaps in EDI as students transition to your institution from Canadian high schools? What challenges/problems are seeing?

      What action have you taken to address gaps? What commonalities are you see or expect to see? How can the CoP support you?

      Zoom registration 

      We hope to see you there!


    • Roundtable - November 16

      Hi everyone,

      We will be hosting the first community roundtable of the fall term on November 16 at 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST.

      Register to receive the Zoom link.. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

      See you then!

    • National Forum on Anti-Asian Racism

      National Forum on Anti-Asian Racism
      November 9 and 10, 2021 (online)
      Registration: Link to register 

      On November 9 and 10, the National Forum on Anti-Asian Racism: Building Solidarities will bring together students, staff, faculty and academic leaders, as well as community partners, to engage in a timely and open dialogue about anti-Asian racism in Canada’s post-secondary education sector. Hosted by the Faculty of Arts at X University, this two-day event will build on the important work initiated by the University of British Columbia at its inaugural National Forum on Anti-Asian Racism in June 2021.

      This forum will be open free of charge to everyone, with a focus on accessibility. Join virtually for live panel discussions, moderated conversations, interviews, keynote remarks and engaging breakout and workshop sessions. Session Topics include:

      • Understanding Asian and Asian Canadian Experiences in Higher Education
      • Addressing Racism in the Classroom
      • Lived Experiences & Opportunities for Asian Canadian Staff
      • Ethics of Representing Asian Communities in Research
      • Universities Provosts on the Issues of Accountability and Racism in Universities
      • See full schedule of programs

    • POSTINGS to this platform--Copyright and Permissions

      Hi folks

      Just a friendly reminder NEVER to post images or documents that you do not have ownership of or express permission to use. CACUSS is liable for any copyright infringements that take place as a result of members posting to this site. If there is a document or image that you wish to use that you do not have express permission to do so, and if it is critical to your post or the information you are sharing, contact Jennifer Hamilton, Executive Director BEFORE posting so we can discuss getting permission to use the copyrighted work.

      Many thanks for your attention to this matter!
    • Info from the Public Health Agency on Vaccines for young adults

      The Public Health Agency of Canada to share information resources on COVID-19 vaccines as part of a new campaign we have launched to reach young adults, where vaccination rates are lower and rates of COVID-19 cases are among the highest. 

      We are seeking your help in amplifying these messages within your networks.

       Some key facts:

      • Among the eligible population, young adults aged 18 to 39 years have the lowest vaccination coverage, as of October 16, 2021.

      o   75% of 18 to 29 year olds are fully vaccinated.

      o   77% of 30 to 39 year olds are fully vaccinated.

      • Between July 14 and October 18, 2021, within the 18 to 39 year old age group:

      o   2,037 people have been hospitalized with COVID-19;

      o   384 people have been admitted to ICU;

      o   45 people with COVID-19 have died.

      • There is no way to tell how COVID-19 will affect you. While young people may sometimes have mild symptoms when infected with COVID-19, they can still get sick from the virus, spread the virus to others, and experience longer-term effects.

       Reaching young adults with these messages is a collaborative effort. Being fully vaccinated is one of the most effective ways to protect our families, communities and ourselves against COVID-19. By sharing this information with your stakeholders, clients, and employees, you can help all of us to get back to the people and activities we miss.  

       Here are some information resources you may find particularly relevant to share with young adults:

       Video: We can all help

       Our COVID-19 Awareness Toolkit is also available online with additional COVID-19 resources and in multilingual formats.

       We appreciate your help in communicating this important information to people in Canada.

    • Calling All Student Service Practitioners - "Tech Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself"


      “Tech yourself, before you wreck yourself”: Innovative Tech Ideas to make your Advising Role More Efficient

      CACUSS and NACADA are partnering in the delivery of this creative session around new technology methods and initiatives to help support you in your advising practice.

      If you, or someone within Advising at your institution, have a must-share idea please contact us at with your pitch. Please note, if selected, on event day you will be delivering a quick 10-minute snapshot of your initiative and then have 5 minutes for questions from the group.

      The virtual session will be held the week of January 24th-28th.

      Looking forward to hearing from you,

      CACUSS Co-Chairs – Brady and Jessica

      NACADA Chair  – Alli Scully

    • Upcoming Conference--CICMH

      Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health (CICMH) Virtual Conference: Crafting Connections in a Landscape of Uncertainty

      November 3, 2021

      The continual creativity and dedication of our campus communities demonstrate that times of uncertainty can lead to the most innovative solutions to complex issues. This year’s conference theme encourages us to embrace feelings of uncertainty through connection, openness and shared accountability. Through this lens, we will be exploring topics that embrace a whole campus approach – bringing together student service professionals, teaching staff, students, campus mental health champions, and community mental health organizations. Don’t miss it! Register today



      In conjunction with our friends at Sexual violence prevention and response, please join us on Tuesday, October 26, 10-11am (Pacific) / 1-2pm (Eastern)
      Register here:

      Whether it's regarding sexual violence or a more general student conduct complaint, delivering a negative or undesired outcome to a Complainant can be difficult. In this session, three experienced professionals will share how they navigate these challenging conversations with sensitivity and compassion. The panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A. 

      This session is co-organized by the Conduct and Sexual Violence Prevention & Response communities of practice. Members of both CoPs are invited to attend.

      Panelist Bios:

      Julie Glazier (she, her), Case Manager at Simon Fraser University's Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office. Connects with students, staff and faculty impacted by sexual violence to provide supports and services. Supports both Survivors and Respondents through internal or external investigative processes.

      Norma Barrett (she, her), Director, Student Conduct Office at Queen's University. Case Management of serious cases of non-academic misconduct and primary investigator of sexual violence cases involving student respondents.

      Stephanie Nelson-Beaver (she, her), Student Rights & Responsibilities Officer at Sheridan College. Leads investigations, adjudication and follow up for non-academic misconduct (including sexual violence) with the goal of promoting environments that support personal growth, instill responsible decision making and enhances a diverse campus community.

    • Network meeting registration

      CACUSS has created a registration link for our network meeting on Wednesday, October 20th 11am EST  
      Please register by clicking on the link below

      After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

    • Member Meeting

      Hi folks
      Apologies that the link in today's member message was broken

      Here it is below

      Co-Curricular Record Member Meeting

      Tuesday, October 19, 2:00 ET
    • Correction--Member message--CCR member meeting

      Hi folks
      Apologies that the link in today's member message was broken

      Here it is below

      Co-Curricular Record Member Meeting

      Tuesday, October 19, 2:00 ET
    • CoP Fall Round Tables


      Hi there,
      You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
      When: Oct 14, 2021 02:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
      Register in advance for this meeting:
      After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting

      Thursday October 14th at 2:30-4pm EST
      Mental Health & Addictions - Community Supports & Case Management
      Guest Facilitator - Lill Petrella, Team Lead, Mental Health Promotion & Education
      Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk Branch

      Thursday November 18th at 2:30-4pm EST
      EDI Topic (TBD)
      Guest Facilitators: Zenith Bose & Dwaine Taylor - Equity, Diversity & Inclusion CoP Co-Chairs 

      Thursday December 9th at 2:30-4pm EST
      BIT/Care Best Practices
      Guest Facilitators: TBD

      Zoom registration links to be shared soon!
      Dion and I look forward to re-connecting with all of you soon!

    • Student Conduct Institute

      Hello everyone!

      We want to bring you some exciting news about another Student Conduct Institute. We are preparing to bring you an engaging platform for collaboration and learning in early part of Winter 2022.

      Please stay tuned for more exciting details.

      If you have a topic that you would like to see discussed, please feel free to connect with us.
    • Book Club Time!

      Hello Everyone!

      We are pleased to announce the dates of the book club have been finalized. If you have not registered, please do so by emailing by October 1. 

      Book: Student Conduct Practice, second edition 

      Five discussion sessions will be held between October 8 and November 15. 

      Reading schedule is as follows:
      • October 5, 1PM: Chapters 1+2
      • October 13, 2PM: Chapters 3+4
      • October 28, 3PM: Chapters 5-8
      • November 5, 1PM: Chapters 13-15+
      All times EST
      Book Club Dates

      Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
    • Looking for CAS Representative

      I am looking for an experienced student affairs generalist who has an interest in and/or experience using the CAS Standards. They are about to embark on a review of the General Standards and are seeking input from outside the U.S.  Please send me a quick email if you are interested.
    • Greetings from your co-chairs!

      Happy new academic year, network members!

      I have a few announcements to kick off the term.

       First, I want to thank Victoria Orr who has stepped down as co-chair. Thank you so much Victoria for helping to keep this community afloat and for your ongoing support of students with family responsibilities.

      Second, I want to introduce you to Andrea Pape who is joining us as co-chair. Andrea is the New Student Advisor at the University of Guelph. She is also currently pursuing her doctoral studies in Higher Education at the University of Toronto.  Andrea and I are both completing our doctorates and have focused our research on this important but underserved student population. We are looking forward to sharing our findings with you including interesting articles and helpful resources.

      Third, Andrea and I are eager to connect with you and we have set Wednesday, October 20th 11am EST as our first network virtual meet up. We are keen to find out how you are accommodating students with family responsibilities as we return to campus and/or continue with remote delivery of courses and programs.

      See announcement above details about attending the network meeting. 

      Take care,

      Brandy Usick, B.A.(Hons), M.Ed.

      Co-chair, Students with Family Responsibilities

      Ed.D. Candidate, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary

      Executive Director, Student Engagement and Success, University of Manitoba                               



    • CACUSS is hiring--BIPOC Mentoring Coordinator


      Please share with your colleagues! We are hiring a part-time/contract Mentoring Coordinator


      CACUSS is planning to launch a Mentoring Program to support and increase representation of Black, Indigenous, and other racialized/people of colour student affairs professionals. Through the input of members of our Professional Development Committee, we have developed an outline of the program and the BIPOC Mentoring Program Coordinator will create and implement the infrastructure to launch a successful program. This will include developing timelines, applications/platforms, training/resources, and marketing and communication plans. The Coordinator will also work to identify the infrastructure and resources required to continue the success of the program beyond launch.

      This is a part-time contract-based position for approximately 6 months with a possibility of extension.



      • Ability to take independent initiative, set goals, a project plan, and meet deadlines.
      • Excellent written communication skills.
      • Computer and word processing skills.
      • Direct experience with the development and execution of mentoring or similar programming (such as peer support, leadership, or volunteer programs).
      • Experience with promotion and marketing through social media and other channels an asset.


      • Ability to work independently and take significant initiative.
      • Ability to manage and prioritize multiple demands.
      • Knowledge of the post-secondary industry, specifically Student Affairs and Services in Canada.
      • Strong understanding of issues related to equity and including; lived experience preferred.
      • Project management skills.


      • Attend regular meetings with the Executive Director (in person or via telephone)
      • Map out project plan with timelines, details, and deliverables.
      • Develop and launch Mentoring Program including identifying structure, requirements, outreach/promotion techniques, timelines, staff
      • Consult with the EDI Community of Practice and relevant committees where required.
      • Requirements of the position will evolve as the successful candidate develops a project plan.

      Position Details

      The position is a temporary contract beginning Fall 2021 and running through project completion (approximately Winter 2022), with a possibility of additional hours beyond the initial contract.

      Hours of Work/Working Environment

      • Candidate will set their own hours in accordance with project milestones, agreed project plan, regular reporting etc. Number of hours per week worked is negotiable and will be based on agreed upon timelines for project completion and would range between 5-10 hours per week (TBC).
      • Candidate will meet regularly with the Executive Director to report on project.

      Position Requirements

      • Successful candidates will have to provide their own workspace and equipment (computer, telephone, internet).


      CACUSS has allocated approximately $5000 towards this project. Compensation is negotiable on an hourly or project completion basis. Each phase is allocated a portion of the funds.

      Application details

      Position posted—August 30, 2021

      Applications due—Monday, September 20, 2021 @4pmPT

      Questions about the position may be directed to Jennifer Hamilton, Executive Director, 416.899.7650

      Letters of interest and resume are due to by Monday, September 20 at 4:00 PM, PST. Please submit interest/cover letter and resume in ONE MS word document attachment entitled firstname_lastname.doc (.docx). Letters in the body of email, .pdf documents, and multiple attachments will not be accepted.

      We thank all applicants for their interest, however only those applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted in late September.

      CACUSS is committed to equity and diversity and encourages applications from racialized persons/persons of colour, Indigenous people, women, LGBTQ2S+ persons, and persons with disabilities. Applications from Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.








    • August 25th CoP Meeting

      Happy August!

      What a beautiful summer we are having in Ontario, and I hope all across the country as well!

      Please join Dion and I and the Humber Student Support and Intervention Team on WEDNESDAY AUGUST 25th at from 2:30-3:30pm EST for our monthly CoP meeting. The topic this month is: Utilizing Community Partnerships In Case Management

      Here is the link to register, you do not need to be a CACUSS member to join: 

      We will record the session for anyone who can not attend and send out in an email the following week. We look forward to “seeing” you all before the hustle and bustle of fall term begins!

      Andrea & Dion
    • Save the Dates: Monthly SVPR CoP Meetings

      1-2pm (Eastern)
      Last Tuesday of every month
      Starting in September

      After a bit of a hiatus, Sarah and I are excited to organize a series of monthly virtual CoP gatherings in the upcoming academic year. We're still working on the line-up, but we'd like to invite you to save the following dates:

      • September 28
      • October 26
      • November 30
      • January 24
      • February 22
      • March 29
      • April 26

      Here's an example of some topics we're working on (based on feedback gathered during our CoP meeting during the conference):

      • Communication strategies for sexual violence prevention campaigns
      • How to relay a negative outcome to a complainant
      • Engaging students in sexual violence prevention programming
      • Engaging men and male-identifying people
      • Working with people who have caused harm
      • How to deliver sexual violence programming with inter-cultural competency
      • 2SLGBTQIA+ specific issues and programming

      Please contact us if you have suggestions for any of these sessions.

      Warm wishes for a safe and healthy start of the 2021-2022 academic year!

      Sarah Crawford and Belinda Karsen
      SVPR CoP Co-Chairs

      CoP email:
      Sarah Crawford:
      Belinda Karsen:
    • Volunteers Needed! Time Sensitive August 12/13

      CACUSS is supporting the Collaborations for Change Conference taking place this week August 12 (Thurs) and August 13 (Fri). 
      We are still seeking volunteers to be presentation MODERATORS. As a volunteer you can sit in on the sessions you volunteer for without registering for the conference. If you are interested please email me at ASAP so I know that you signed up and I can ensure you get the moderator instructions.

      Here is the list to the sessions (marked in yellow) that still need moderators/volunteers. This is much like being a speaker/presenter assistant at CACUSS conference. Please include your name, email, and institution in the spreadsheet

      I have also included the link for the conference website.
    • Resources-CONCUSSIONS

      Hi all
      The nice folks at the Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada reached out to share information about a HELP LINE for folks recovering with Concussions 
      can be accessed at It is a service where Canadians suffering from concussions, PCS, or suspected CTE (or their loved ones) can submit an inquiry with us and we will work to provide them with individualized guidance, resources, and support based on what is available in their area. 
      Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the study, treatment and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in Canadian athletes, military and other at-risk groups. 

      I have also attached a one pager in the Shared FIles section.
    • Do you want to Book Club!


      Do you like books?
      Do you like buddies?
      Do you like talking about books with your buddies?

      There are two virtual book club opportunities for this fall. I hope you will think about these opportunities and join one or both!
      1.  Keep Calm and Conduct On - Pages Edition:

      Join host Lara Hof to discuss the 2nd Edition of Student Conduct Practice (

      If you are interested in being a part of this book club, which plans to virtually meet monthly throughout the academic year, beginning in October, please email
      Lara directly at:
      2. Sexual Citizens Book Club -

      Join host Victoria Yang, Gender-Based & Sexual Violence Response Coordinator, Student Support & Case Management Western University to talk about the book "Sexual Citizens: Sex, Power, and Assault on Campus" (

      The authors have written an extensive book on sexual assault on college campuses in the U.S., and they pose interesting solutions in the way of redesigning campus spaces and reevaluating power structures.
      Victoria and her colleagues are particularly excited about delving into this book with others because of the opportunities for discussion and collaboration. Each of us brings a unique set of experiences to the table, which we hope will contribute to rich discussion.
      If you are interested in being a part of this virtual book club, which plans to meet monthly throughout the academic year beginning the first week of October, please email Victoria directly at:

      A side-by-side view of the covers of the Student Conduct Practice book and the Sexual Citizens book.
    • Equity-Centered Assessment Landscape Survey

      Please consider this request and/or pass it on to those in your institutions and organizations who conduct assessment. 

      One of the emergent topics in assessment is its intersection with equity. This intersection goes by various names including socially-just assessment, culturally responsive assessment, equity-minded assessment, equity-centered assessment, and others.


      To improve our collective work in this area, it is helpful to document what this intersection of equity and assessment looks like across colleges and universities. To that end, a coalition of a number of organizations have come together to support the administration of the Equity-Centered Assessment Landscape Survey.


      We encourage every higher education professional doing any level of assessment to complete the survey as we want representation from a broad set of individuals. The goal is to understand what individuals are doing in regard to equity in assessment, not what institutions are necessarily doing so please complete the survey thinking of your practice, not your institution’s. There are no right or wrong answers, so please be honest in your responses. The survey can be accessed by visiting:


      Data collection will end on July 31. Results will be shared through various channels in the fall. Please take a few minutes to share your input regarding equity and assessment.


      Thank you,

      Ciji Heiser, Western Michigan University
      Gavin Henning, New England College
      Anne Lundquist, Anthology
      Annemieke Rice, Anthology

    • CACUSS needs you (AND someone you know!)

      CACUSS needs you (AND someone you know!)

       As an organization CACUSS has been built on the involvement and contributions of members like you. Many of our initiatives and accomplishments have been shaped and built by members guiding projects through committees and Communities of Practice.

      We are seeking individuals to participate in our organization in a variety of ways and we would appreciate you considering involvement AND sharing this opportunity with others in your departments/professional communities! Please let us know if you have questions.

      Community of Practice Co-chair Roles

      CoP co-chairs lead conversations and help share knowledge among peer groups that share similar interests, functional responsibilities, and roles. Co-chair roles are volunteer positions which are 1-2 years in duration.

      The following Communities are seeking co-chairs:

      NASSA (Aboriginal Student Services Assembly), 2 positions

      Academic Learning,1 position

      Advising, 1 position

      Community-Engaged Learning, 2 positions

      Leadership Educators (LeCoP), 2 positions plus design/leadership team roles

      Research, Assessment, Evaluation, 1position

      Student Conduct, 1 position

      Graduate Student Network, 1 position

      Graduate & Second Entry Students, 1-2 positions

       Please contact Jennifer Hamilton to learn more about these roles. We are hoping to have all positions filled by July 15.

       Committees and Working Groups

      Committees typically meet every 6-8 weeks. Committees will identify 2-4 projects/tasks and committee members give input and contribute to the progress of these tasks/projects. The following Committees and Working Groups are seeking participants/members:

       Finance Committee, (2 members)

      Awards & Recognition, (2-3 members)

      Membership/Member Engagement, (3-4 members)

      Resource Development & Communications, (3-4 members)

      Annual Conference Review/Program Committee (3-4 members)

       Send an email with your interest to

       Thanks very much for all those who already submitted applications to be involved with CoPs and Committees! We will be in touch shortly!

    • Free anti-Asian Racism Workshop

      A free anti-Asian racism workshop/webinar coming up on June 15th 1:00 - 2:30 pm (PDT).  This event is sponsored by the University of Victoria and it is open to everyone.    
      Here's the link the the Eventrbrite page:
    • What are your ideas for 2021-2022 CoP events?

      Hi all,

      Thanks to those who joined us at our CoP gathering at CACUSS yesterday. It was so good to connect and share our challenges and sources of energy!

      As the CoP Co-Chairs, Sarah Crawford and I would like to invite you to share your ideas for our 2021-2022 events in this Google jamboard. We're aiming to hold a CoP virtual gathering or event each month. Please add your ideas and/or indicate your agreement with the sticky notes that were added during our session yesterday. We'd like to start planning this summer, so please share your ideas by June 18.

      You're also always invited to post any ideas in this forum or to contact us directly:
      Sarah Crawford:
      Belinda Karsen:

      Thanks in advance for your ideas!
    • Reminder: CACUSS Conference Advising Networking and Social Session

      Good Morning Everyone,

      This is just a reminder that on Thursday June 3rd from 4:45pm-5:45pm EST the Advising Community of Practice will be hosting a Networking and Social Connection. We are sad we will not get to "see" everyone this year at the conference so do hope that you are able to join, if even for only a few minutes, to pop in and say hello to colleagues from across the country.

      You do not need to be registered for the CACUSS conference to be able to attend the social happening tomorrow, June 3rd. Please invite any and all colleagues in the Advising world (or perhaps those even considering getting into Advising). The Zoom link can be found below.

      CACUSS Room6 is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

      Join Zoom Meeting

      Meeting ID: 992 3613 4543
      Passcode: 114192
      One tap mobile
      +17789072071,,99236134543#,,,,*114192# Canada
      +12042727920,,99236134543#,,,,*114192# Canada

      Dial by your location
      +1 778 907 2071 Canada
      +1 204 272 7920 Canada
      +1 438 809 7799 Canada
      +1 587 328 1099 Canada
      +1 647 374 4685 Canada
      +1 647 558 0588 Canada
      Meeting ID: 992 3613 4543
      Passcode: 114192
      Find your local number:

    • Student Conduct/Student Case Managers CoP Social - Thursday June 3rd 4:45pm EST

      Good Morning,


      Below is the zoom login for Thursday June 3rd Student Conduct & Student Case Managers CoP Social, which is being held during CACUSS Annual Conference!


      ANYONE can attend, whether you are registered to attend the conference or not. We are so thrilled to be joining forces with our conduct colleagues to debrief about the year, share some peaks and valleys as well as look the year ahead for more opportunities to collaborate our two CoP’s.


      Please join us if you can!


      Thursday June 3rd 4:45-5:45pm EST

      Join Zoom Meeting

      Meeting ID: 985 6903 4296
      Passcode: 281751


      Andrea & Dion

    • CACUSS network event

      Our network/social is taking place Thursday, June 3, 4:45-5:45PM ET
      Please feel free to pop in, even if for just a few minutes to say hello and quickly connect with colleagues across the country who are interested in supporting students with family responsibilities.

      If you are looking for dates and times of other CoP/Network meet-ups, check out this link

      Hope to see you there!
      Brandy Usick

      Zoom link

      Meeting ID: 927 9452 0598

      Passcode: 222589