Summer of Our Decolonial Love - 8

By Mark Solomon posted 10-19-2017 08:23


Man Who Walks Amongst the Stars

Like many of us I was gutted then I heard that Gord Downie passed.  We all knew it was coming, but somehow we didn’t think it ever would.  What was to be the final concert of the Hip was very emotional, we saw him struggle, rally, and cry.  I trust you all watched it.  That night was important for me personally because he said this.

And then he said this.  “Your gonna figure it out.”  Like many before and after my generation we all claim the hip as our generation’s band.  It personally touched me that he tasked us with this call.  We all knew that the nation was watching that night in Kingston.    

Indigenous people saw the Front man of Canada, our Poet Laureate, use his final stage for Indigenous rights.  Well that was nothing, then came the Secret Path, the all of the speaking and Chanie Wenjack’s Sisters were speaking everywhere.  In his final time he took time to learn about Indigenous issues and fight for them.

Well deservedly, this happened.  Please watch this its important.  Gord was given an eagle feather, a spirit name and a blanket.  This is virtually the trifecta of Indigenous spirituality.  The eagle feather is beautiful and giving/receiving one is a great honour.  As is the name and the blanket.  But I heard something else.  Our Cousin.  Did you hear that….listen to it again….our cousin....."this relative of ours"

Indigenous people claim him.  He might look Canadian but now he is Anishnaabe.  We all know Gord didn’t do the Secret Path items for himself or for the feather or name, he did it because it was right.  Lets look inside our own motives for Indigenization. 

 Lets let our efforts of Decolonization unite us dress rehearsal this is our life

Are we keeping up with the Joneses or is it to really “figure it out”.   

Short this week cause….strike

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10-19-2017 10:50

Also that time that the Hip played Fort Albany and had the students open for them