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    I will be there for the afternoon walk! ------------------------------ Erin Clifford Lead Coordinator, Mentorship and Peer Programs University of Toronto 416 978 1402 ------------------------------

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    Hi all, BC has been one of the most affected provinces and territories in Canada with regards to the opioid crisis. In 2016 our Provincial Health Minister declared a public health state of emergency because of the rates of morbidity and mortality due ...

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    Hi CACUSS Friends, For several years a group of us have walked before the CACUSS conference kicks-off. It's a great way to clear your head and prep the mind and heart for the powerful PD to come. We're continuing the tradition this year with a beautiful ...

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  • CoP Co-Chair Position is Open!

    Good morning, everyone, As you may know, the Student Peer Support Programs community supported by volunteers and Co-chairs to make some things happen.  The Co-Chairs serve on alternating two-year cycles, with terms beginning and ending our CACUSS conference ... More

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