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  • Great idea! I would love to participate as well :) Mal ------------------------------ Mallory Manley Student Transition and Engagement Coordinator UNIVERSITY OF FRASER VALLEY ABBOTSFORD BC BC 7788461625 ------------------------------

  • It was wonderful to share this experience with this group of amazing people! Thank you Augy and everybody for such a memorable and REAL experience. Please stay in touch (I'll update my social media contact) and hope to see you at CACUSS! Much love, ...

  • Great idea! I'd be happy to help :) ------------------------------ Sabrina Aguilera West Student Recruitment and Support Specialist Douglas College Coquitlam BC ------------------------------

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    Hello Advising CoP, We hope your November is going well thus far! Brigitte and I have been chatting about how we can better engage this group and would like to try something new for the winter term. Monthly we are hoping to host a “hot-topic” ... More

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