• Connect with your Co-Chairs!

    Hi SPSP CoP!

    Erin and I are looking to connect with some members of our Community of Practice who are interested in sharing their ideas of what would be helpful to them! 
    If you have thought about taking on a role with a CoP but are already pulled 349758345 different ways but you have a great idea to share we want to chat with you!  
    If you have an idea for a webinar/event that you want to see happen, but don't have time to run it - this is the perfect time to delegate that task (yes...delegate!) to  your co-chairs! 
    If you're looking for ways to engage with our programming but are frustrated that it seems all the Ontario schools are taking over - we want to hear from you!  
    Erin and I are listening.  All you have to do is fill out the quick doodle poll (with your first and last name) and we will be in touch!