• CoP Co-Chair Position is Open!

    Good morning, everyone,

    As you may know, the Student Peer Support Programs community supported by volunteers and Co-chairs to make some things happen.  The Co-Chairs serve on alternating two-year cycles, with terms beginning and ending our CACUSS conference in June.  Erin has served the needs of this community for the last two years and is making way for new leadership this time around, so we are opening our search for the next Co-Chair.

    Being a Co-Chair with SPSP means that you get to be part of two great projects: a database highlighting Peer Programs across Canada and a new Webinar series.  Also, bi weekly chats with me where we can discuss what else we want to do to serve the community.  Here is part of the official role description:

    "Each Community of Practice or Network is led by two Co-Chairs, who are responsible for liaising and communicating with members, representing the Community or Network at the Assembly of CACUSS Communities, and providing leadership for Community or Network activities, research, and/or advocacy."

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them here, or contact myself or Erin directly.  From a personal stance, being a Co-Chair has really lead me to expand and challenge my leadership (and time management) in CACUSS.  As much as I love going to conferences, I love to see more plans put into action.  I felt like a part of a larger community of professionals who shared my ideas (I am quite isolated in my role here) and passion for student support.

    I really look forward to hearing from you!
  • PD offerings for the Winter Term

    Hello all,

    We wanted to share with you that we have been working with the folks from the Canadian interest group of NACADA to provide both memberships with some Canadian advising professional development offerings over the coming months.

    January you may have seen the blog post written by @Carmen O'CallaghanAdvising Student-Athletes as a Special Population”
    February 27th @2:00 EST you are invited to an advisor chat hosted by Atifa F. Karim “Career Chats: A New Group Advising Format” (To join the call: PIN: 64113) 

    March you will find a new blog post on Advising in Canada from a NACADA colleague  (if you don’t already follow this blog you should consider it!)  

    April Brigitte and I are committed to organizing another advising chat and would love to know if there are topics that are of interest to you so we can find an appropriate person to facilitate the chat.

    Paige & Brigitte ​​​​
  • CoP Meeting (Conference Call)

    CoP Meeting (via Conference Call)  for all CoP Wednesday, December 5, 2 pm (EST).
    Call: 1-855-238-3698
    Participant Pin: 64113

    Suggested agenda: 
    -Hear about the Parliament of the Worlds' Religions, which several of us attended, together with students. We also had a mini-CoP meeting, and attended workshops by other university and college groups.

    -Discuss possible conference presentations at CACSUSS 2019, as we would like to see several workshops offered from our CoP.

    -Hear success stories from this term

    -Share questions, concerns or needs amongst our CoP

    -Hear about webinars we might want to offer in the future

  • Hot-Topics

    Hello Advising CoP,

    We hope your November is going well thus far! Brigitte and I have been chatting about how we can better engage this group and would like to try something new for the winter term.

    Monthly we are hoping to host a “hot-topic” cross-country conversation. Right now we have that conceptualized as an open conference call for folks to share what is happening on their campuses, questions they have on the topic, and resources that may be helpful to others.

    We are looking to hear from YOU as to what those “hot-topic” conversations are! We are also looking for folks who may be interested in facilitating a “hot-topic” call.

    Please comment on the discussion board with your ideas or send us an e-mail (, by Nov 27th so we can send out a Save the Date before the New Year.

    PS –the call for conference proposals has gone out! Please consider presenting, reviewing or sharing ideas that you would be interested in seeing presentations on. We have been very fortunate over the past few years to see an increase in the number of advising sessions at the annual conference and would love to see that continue in Calgary this year (keycode CACUSS19 )
  • Upcoming Webinar

    Our Community Engaged Learning webinar series is back! We hope you will join us next Thursday to learn from Kelly Dianne, Community Engaged Learning Coordinator - Curricular Programs (Experiential Learning); Western University!

    *If you are interested in hosting your own webinar about community engaged learning don't hesitate to contact myself, or Lisa Dale anytime! This is a great opportunity to share your programs/ideas and practice for upcoming conferences!


    We’re looking for people who want to be involved in leading the Research, Assessment, and Evaluation Community of Practice! There is a lot of work that we could be doing, but we need more people to get involved so that we can reach more people, and be more representative of the Canadian landscape of Student Affairs. We’re looking for a 1 year commitment to this group.

    You would be part of bi-weekly conference calls, and would be involved in one of our areas of focus (see below). Total time commitment would be no more than 1 hour per week.

    To express your interest, please fill out the following form ( by November 5th.

    Community Purpose: To expand assessment competency amongst professionals in Canadian Student Affairs, and support the activities of other CACUSS CoPs with regards to assessment, research, and evaluation.

    Major Areas of Focus:

    Blog/Writing Projects (Writing assessment, research, and evaluation themed posts on SA Exchange, could focus on building towards publishing a monograph or research articles from members)

    Networking and Outreach (Populating the community platform & engaging the CoP members, how can we bring people into the conference experience who can’t be there (backchannel discussion, facebook live sessions, etc?)

    Content Curation (Someone who compiles resources and builds tools to support member development, centralizing online trainings, articles, etc.)

    Conference and Events (rallies CoP to submit proposals, review, and organize the CoP social event)

    Research and Accountability (supports research agenda, assessment of the annual conference, group-think on tools & strategy, ability to share, focus on transparency and learning through practice)
  • Next COP Conference Call: 25OCT18

    The next COP Conference Call is scheduled for 25OCT18 at 10:00 PST/13:00 EST/14:00 AST

    Topic: Cannabis

    One week in, we'll discuss how the world looks, post-legal recreational cannabis.

    Number: 1-855-238-3698
    Participant Pin: 64113
  • Follow up from the 2018 CACUSS Conference

    Can you believe it has been almost a month since many of us were en route to the 2018 CACUSS Conference? It was a delight to have met so many of you in Charlottetown, and re-connect with colleges from across the country. For those of you who were unable to make it, you were missed. 

    @Brigitte Wiebe and I wanted to thank all of you who attended the Advising CoP meeting and shared your feedback and hopes for the upcoming year. We are excited to work with many of you and engage with the CoP membership.

    At the meeting, we asked members a number of questions to get insight into how we can best support needs and increase engagement. For anyone who was unable to make it, or would like an opportunity to provide feedback there is a google form you can complete with the questions we asked in the meeting. 

    If you can complete the survey by July 24th that would be appreciated so that we can compile the feedback from the meeting and survey to share with all of you at the end of the month.  ​
  • 2018 CACUSS Conference

    Events hosted by the Accessibility & Inclusion CoP at the 2018 CACUSS Conference

    Monday June 18 at 3:45-6:00 p.m.

     "HIGH" Join us for a Round Table Discussion lead by Chloe Corcoran. We will discuss policy and accommodation around medical marijuana, the change in legalization of marijuana and the potential impact to our campuses.

    Location: Check the conference App for confirmed location

    Tuesday June 19 at 3:45-4:45 p.m.
    CoP Meeting – Meet the Accessibility & Inclusion Leadership team. Hear about the progress on our ongoing projects including the Repository and Standards of Practice.

    Tuesday June 19 at 6:00-7:00 p.m.
    Following the meeting, join us at The Beer Garden, 190-192 Kent Street for our annual Brand Exchange and socializing. Bring an item from your institution (i.e. t-shirt, mug, bag, hat) and join in the fun!


    Check the Conference App for room locations for these events.

    All are welcome.